Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: The Academy: Love Match - Monica Seles


Review: Love Match - Book #2 The Academy Series - Monica Seles - February 2014 

Maya Hart has had an interesting first year at The Academy capturing the attention of not only the mean girl Nicole Ryan but also the hearts of brothers Travis and Jake Reed whose father Nails Reed is the Headmaster of The Academy. However, though the chemistry is present with both brothers , she only really has love for one - the bad boy Jake Reed. Can Maya prove to Jake, that she wants him not Travis ? Maya has also been entered in a tennis tournament and gets the chance of a lifetime to play against a star - though she loses but the game is tight and becomes the longest playing game in history - Maya finds herself in the spotlight , with an agent and the perks of being a star. Is it too much for Maya to handle or will she be able to find her place amongst the best and brightest ?  Meanwhile, Maya's roommate Cleo is on the victim end of a nasty blogger named Grant Adams who somehow thinks because of Cleo's dress sense and the fact she is the world's best golf player that she is upending everything golf stands for. Can Cleo get her revenge or will she have to sharpen up her act and change her image just as Daphne did on the movie "What a Girl Wants". Renee has been a bit of a slapper and never felt really in love, but what happens when she falls for scholarship student Diego and she finds herself failing to impress as all she knows is a world of money and riches ? Can Diego show her that having money isn't all it is cracked up to be and that sometimes you don't have to have money to have a good time.
 Find out in this awesome series, that I am looking forward to reading Book #3 if or when it's released. 
 The Academy  series are  great reads for all those who love Boarding School Novels and have an interest in relationships, friendship dynamics and sport.

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