Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Beautiful World - Anastasia Hollings

Review: Beautiful World - Book #1 - Beautiful World Series -Anastasia Hollings- June 2009

In a world surrounded by celebrities and high class societies , the only way to be somebody unless you are in fact - a somebody is to fake it. That's what son and daughter of an academic professor are doing and so far they have gotten away with it all. Their act is brilliant. Who are they ? Amelia aka Ann and her brother Zach aka Zachary wish they lived the high life and have both perfected the art of pretending. Whilst on holiday in St.Bart as they Dad teaches a rich Baron's son over summer , the pair set off on an adventure and end up meeting Courtney Moore - an heiress to a wealthy fortune of beauty products. The pair meet and wind up becoming besties and it seems Courtney has a crush on Amelia's brother Zach. The novel continues as they arrive home , but what happens when Courtney's friends are a bit suspicious and even worse someone from Amelia's past catches up with her and has the chance to expose her as the fraud and liar she is ? Will the gig be up this Summer or will Amelia find a way to have once again - the upper hand ?
Find out in Book #1 of The Beautiful World series - a book that fans of the Upper East Side and books such as Gossip Girl , The Clique etc will enjoy.


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