Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Drawn - Cecilia Gray


 Review: Drawn- Cecilia Gray - December 2013

Sasha has always been the freak of the bunch as when she was born, she was discovered to have the ability to be a truth detector. Within meeting someone for the first 5 seconds if they did not say what they wanted fast - she would be able to reveal what they really wanted to say out loud. When she was younger she was taken to a lab to be tested and then eventually she was handed over to the FBI to become one of their assets . Now at 16 , Sasha has been busy working with Agent Chelsea Tanner but after a dangerous case - Sasha has been re-assigned to Seattle, Portland to work undercover with the CIA . The mission is to track down a Political Activist graffitti artist known as Kid Aert. So Sasha hightails it to Seattle and meets Viv and her friends Seb and Slammer. Strange things start occuring and Sasha believes one of them may be connected to the Kid Aert . What will happen though when the one she falls for turns out to be closer to artist than she could ever imagine ? Read as Sasha must decide between betraying her new friends or the FBI/CIA and her country ?

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