Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: Tattoo Thief - Heidi Joy Tretheway

Review: Tattoo Thief - Book #1 Tattoo Thief - Heidi Joy Trethway - October 2013

Have you ever picked up a book and was unsure of which direction it was going to go after reading the first chapter ? That was Tattoo Thief for me. When I got stuck into I was like "Ok, this is a story about someone who knows the in's and outs of celebrity life and will act like an insider source" but then as I got reading I discovered it was something quite different. Before, I write the review I have to admit that to me the guy on the front cover reminds me so much of Alex Pettyfyer. 
Tattoo Thief introduces us first to Beryl Sutton who is stuck with her life and when the opportunity arises to take a job in New York working for her Uncle Dan, she jumps at it. However when she gets to New York, her apartment falls through and now she is left with nowhere to go. Lucky for her, one of the houses she has been hired to clean - owner is travelling in Africa - so Beryl has on the condition she keeps everything up-to-date can house sit for him. The owner of the house turns out to be Rockstar lead of the band Tattoo Thief - Gavin Blake. In a way like Beryl was stuck, Gavin has also and is now out running to find himself and re-gain what he has lost. Over the course of the novel , the pair will find themselves emailing, chatting and then phone talking to each other and as each day and message passes - they get one step closer into discovering that they may very well be each others equals and opposites. However what will happen when the pair finally meet face to face ? Will they be able to communicate as easily as they did online or will things be a bit tougher in the "real world"? Will their different status and classes make a difference as they discover they are both from two different worlds 
Find out in Book #1 of Heidi Joy Tretheway's series "Tattoo Thief".


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