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Review: Misplaced - Lee Murray

Review: Misplaced - Lee Murray - December 2013

Do you remember reading stories of people who pop out for a second to grab something or go for a drive and just vanish into thin air? We think about how on earth this could actually happen and wouldn't somebody spot them or find their body ? How could someone completely vanish from our lives ? 
Misplaced is a story of one boy's journey and the year that will follow him , a year of distraught, confusion and anguish as for Adam - his mother popped out to go to the local dairy and never came home. The novel chronicles Adam and his family's reactions , his friendships and how life can change drastically in a blink of an eye. What I liked about Misplaced was that thank goodness Adam still had his two best friends Kieran and Corey to rely on and that no matter what happened they were there for him. In terms of gender based reading, this book can be enjoyed by all teens but I found it is specifically targeted to the male audience as the majority of main characters except for Skye who comes later on in the novel are males. Another thing that I loved about Misplaced is the fact that the author writes about what she knows in terms of the places and landmarks in the novel - this was awesome as I was throughout the book imagining them at the Domain , by the Brookfield shops as I had been there. 
Misplaced by Lee Murray is a heartfelt book and at times will have you tear up and leave you hoping that maybe Adam can get some closure but also reminds us on the other hand of all those unsolved disappearances out there e.g Madeline McCann who went missing when she was three years old when her parents were on holiday and she has never been found still to this day.

Goodreads Link : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18740764-misplaced?from_search=true


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