Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: Off Sides - Sawyer Bennett

Review: Off Sides - Book #1 Off Series - Sawyer Bennett - February 2013

Every now and again, you find a book that you can't put down and you want to keep on reading till the very last page. For me, I read a lot of books and lately the majority of them are New Adult novels . Some are good , others get me bored but every now and again I will find one that is AMAZING. One of the amazing ones that I found today was Book #1 in Sawyer Bennett's series "Off'. Not sure what to expect, I started reading it and what I found was a truly amazing love story. In Off Sides we meet two very different people in society's terms but behind closed doors they couldn't be closer to the same. The main female is Danny , a waitress who at first we see as a rebel but then as the novel goes along we see a deeper side of her which I liked as in the majority of NA novels they don't often go to the depths of the character rather than just the storyline. The main male role goes to Ryan - a hockey captain and the son of the Congressman. The other thing I loved about this book is that Danny's friend is called Paula which is my name and she sounds like a rockin' character. Somehow the pair of them connect and soon it seems that they were made for each other and it was one of those heartbreaking novels where despite obstacles chucked in their way, neither will see the other hurt and in both sides do whatever they need to protect the one they love. If you haven't yet read this series, what are you waiting for. Head now and purchase your copy of Off Sides and now I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the series.


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