Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Uninvited - Sophie Jordan

Review: Uninvited - Book #1 Uninvited Series - Sophie Jordan - January 2014

Uninvited is a new dystopian series brought to you by Sophie Jordan and a series that I look forward to reading as more are released. In Davy's world (that's the girl on the cover) people are being tested for a genetic gene known as The Kill Gene. Once identified with the Kill gene these people are placed as outcasts to the world , these are the ones who will if not stopped become the criminals of the future. All her life , Davy has looked at them and thought they were not like her - how could she be one of them when she is a good girl, gets top grades and is a musical prodigy destined to attend Julliard. All that changes in a blink of an eye, when she is tested positive for the Kill Gene and finds herself "uninvited" from her old life. Even those she thought were her friends and loved ones have turned their backs on her and Davy finds herself lumped in a classroom with others who have all tested positive. Some are branded with an "H" which means that they have displayed violent outbursts and soon Davy finds herself also wearing the "H". Her world stops and she feels alone until she meets Sean and Gill. Two guys who have also been tested positive. Soon all with the Kill Gene are being transported to either a "training facility" or "detention camp". Davy finds herself at the facility along with Sean and Gil and meets Sabine. Together can the four of them plan a way out of this life or will they be caught and chucked in the "detention camp" with the realisation that life will never ever be the same again.



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