Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover


Review: Losing Hope - Book #2 Hopeless Series - Colleen Hoover - July 2013

Have you read Colleen Hoover's book "Hopeless" ? The story where Sky discovered that she was in fact Hope - the girl who had gone missing thirteen years before from her father's house and that the guy she had fell in love with eventually Dean Holder happened to be her childhood friend along with his twin sister Les. In Losing Hope the novel flips from Hopeless being Sky's point of view to this book being from the view of Dean Holder. What I liked about this book which differs from a few of the other Point of view styles is that this one had a piece of the past story e.g In Hopeless the novel starts a year after Leslie has committed suicide but in Losing Hope we read the novel as beginning from the day before Leslie committed Suicide and then briefly the year between Leslie's death to the day he first moved back to town and saw Hope aka Sky in the Grocery store. 
Fans of Colleen Hoover's book "Hopeless" will enjoy this and readers may find themselves loving Dean Holder even more and once you have finished reading this book , then you can check out Colleen Hoover's new novella "Finding Cinderella".


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