Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: The Trap - Andrew Fukuda

Review: The Trap - Book #3 The Hunt Series - Andrew Fukuda - November 2013

Have you ever read through a trilogy and been looking so forward to Book #3 , hanging out there for it to finally arrive and then when it does you read it and you are left with so many other questions ? That's how I felt with the final book in the Hunt Trilogy by Andrew Fukuda. Right through the whole series we have watched Gene escape from Hepers and then in the end of Book #1 Gene discovered his father hadn't died and was the man known as "The Scientist". This led Gene to meet a group of others around his age - Sissy, Ben, Epap and David. In Book #2 they found a place called The Mission which was supposed to be their Land of Milk and Honey, a paradise where they could keep safe but instead turned out to be a front. It was also here that Gene learned more about his father and that his father had created a cure for the Hepers known as The Origin cure. It was placed into the bloodstream of two people Gene and Sissy who were later worked out their names together read Genesis. 
Again the group tried to escape and then found themselves caught and bundled on a train leading who knew where - possibly the place where Gene's dad was and then Book #2 finished. Readers, then had to wait almost a year for the release of Book #3 The Trap and was hoping it would answer a few questions. However in Book #3 we read as Gene's friends start to die one by one till there are only two left and now Gene and Sissy have been hired by the King of the Vamps to eliminate one of them that has turned and creating a fiasco - Ashley June who readers will remember from Book #1 - Gene's classmate. Scattered throughout the book are more clues to Gene's dad and who he was as a person but alas no father turns up . Now this last part annoyed me as I have waited three books for him to be reunited with his father or get proof that he is dead and alas nothing.  
This leads to the question of is this going to be more of a quartet than a trilogy and is there another book in the works that readers aren't aware of yet or maybe a spin-off which tells the story of Gene's father. This book would have got 4 stars even maybe 5 , but due to the unanswered questions I have , I feel I can only rate it as a 3-3.5 Ps.


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