Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: No Turning Back - Casey Peeler

Review: No Turning Back - Book #1 Full Circle Series - Casey Peeler - September 2013

Imagine having a boyfriend , so popular and hot that you went with everything he did and put up with his rubbish. Though what if you had stood your ground with him and not let him control your every move ? Would you have still landed in this position ? For Charley, she was dating her equal in swimming Dylan and all was going well for them until one night he decided to take things to the next level and ended up drugging and raping her. After that night, Char as she is known in the novel, changed her whole outlook on life and became a different person. Now it's time for college and to get a change of scenery , she has chosen somewhere far from her past. What happens though when Char is found by Dylan and she starts to recieve threatning messages of she can run, but she can't hide ? Will Char develop the guts to tell her parents and the authorities about what happened or will she still pretend like it didn't happen and wasn't a big deal ? What will happen when one of the people she has learned to trust the most in her new group of friends becomes a traitor and is cavorting with the enemy ? . I was in two minds about this book as A) I did enjoy it and it was a good read but B) I found that Char not telling someone about Dylan was a weak minded person and that she was in a way protecting Dylan though he deserved to be charged and C) that when you do finally see who is working with Dylan - you don't go deeper into the matter of how they meet and why this has happened which is what I would have preferred. Other than that though, No Turning back is a great first novel for author Casey Peeler.


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