Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Breathe - Elena Dillon

Review: Breathe - Elena Dillon- December 2012

Do you love reading mysteries and teen edgy novels ? Breathe by Elena Dillon may have a cover that will either intrigue to open it and have a go or will be a cover that you browse past as it isn't over attractive and is quite simplistic. For me, I quite like the simple cover as it made me more interested in reading the book. I opened it, not knowing what I was in for and WOW. From the first page, we learn that Jasmine's older sister Daisy was murdered and her killer has never been found and due to this the family have been moving from place to place as just when they get comfortable, something happens that brings the killer closer. The family then move to a small town called Roarke. Jasmine is glad that no-one knows her there and she can start fresh.  The novel then flips to Jasmine at Walmart and then fainting due to fright and landing in the arms of one of the Ward brothers. Soon she has captured both of their attention especially that of the older one Easton. As the novel goes along we watch as Jasmine starts to relax and think that maybe she can finally have a normal life but just as she starts to settle into life, the phone calls and strange gifts start happening again. Has the killer found them again ? Is anyone safe for her ? 
Find out in this awesome edgy teen novel with a hint of murder, mystery and mayhem.


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