Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard


Review: Gabriel's Inferno - Book #1 Gabriel's Inferno Series - Sylvain Reynard - April 2011

Starting in ancient times with Dante and Beatrice in Florence, we read as we may be in for a love reincarnated over time - kind of like an adult version of Lauren Kate's books "Fallen" or so I thought. The novel then flips over to contemporary time where we meet Professor Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell who is studying her PHD in Dante's era. This was one of those books where I was hooked from the first page, which was awesome as it was #5 try lucky as I was in the mood to read something and everything else either seemed boring or stuff I had read. This one on the other hand , I enjoyed as I was taken into the crazy life of Gabriel and discovered why he was angry all the time and why Julia felt a strong attraction to him , no matter how aggressive he got. However in saying that , there were moments in this book where I was like HELLO Gabriel, open your eyes and look Julia is your Beatrice. 
This is one book where I can't say much more as I don't want to give the story away as this readers is one romance novel that everyone should read and coming from someone who doesn't normally rate Romance Novels like this very high on my list. This here is a definite must-read for every woman and romance reader in the world.


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