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Review: Trapped Under Ice - M.J Schiller

Review: Trapped Under Ice - Book #1 Rocking Romance Collection - M.J Schiller - February 2013

Are you a fan of Rock N Roll and Romances ? Love reading about Hot Band guys meeting the ones they can truly love and chucking their bad boy ways away and settling down with someone who can change them for the better, no matter what the situation ? Trapped Under Ice is just that. The one thing that did surprise me as again I was judging by the cover was that I had thought this book to be a teen fiction novel or a new adult but more focused on the teen aspect. However, it turned out to be an Adult novel as the story starts with Cassie shouting her mum and her tickets to the band Trapped Under Ice concert as Cassie's mother Beth is a big fan. However tragedy strikes and Cassie and her mum are attacked but all is not ruined as Chad Evans comes to the rescue - he is the lead singer of Trapped Under Ice. Soon a whirling romance begins and Beth wonders if she is ready for this as she has already lost one love to death and she has Cassie to think of. As the relationship intensifies though, it seems someone out there is destined to destroy it if the relationship furthers as Chad starts to recieve death threats that could ultimately harm Beth and those he loves around him. Is the romance destined to shine and come out in the open or will it be a lost love romance that is forbidden and destined to stay "trapped under ice".
Find out in Book #1 of M.J Schiller's series "Rocking Romance".


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  1. Thank you for the nice review of TRAPPED UNDER ICE! You hit the nail on the head with the cover. I also worried that the cover said more YA than adult. We actually made some changes to the original which was even more YA looking (with light coming from behind my name). I was really struck with the image the cover artist came up with though so I ended up sticking with it. Thank you for taking a chance on it. I really love Chad and Beth's story and I'm glad you did, too. And thanks for taking the time to write reviews that bring readers and writers together.


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