Wednesday, July 1, 2015

VBT# Fearless - Annie Jocoby

Review: Fearless - Book #1 Fearless Series - Annie Jocoby - July 2014

Daliah Gallagher had it all when she was younger as an art prodigy until one day , she lost all of her inspiration . Wanting to escape from that world, she moved to New York to find her muse and became a model and nude model for Art Students. During this time , she is met by Blake Nottingham who we later discover is a CEO , at the first meeting we think he is just an admirer but later down the track he becomes a bit of a full on stalker. He has hired Luke , to paint a full nude portrait of Dalilah and is willing to pay the big bucks for it. What will happen though when Luke and Daliah agree and start spending intimate time together during the project. This of course leads to a secret romance, that we note that Blake Nottingham isn't very pleased about and he starts to show his true colours of a nasty manipulator and dominant. This book does contain a bit of BDSM to it and shows just how easy one can get played and go from having the upper hand to being the submissive and no longer in control. What will happen though when Daliah's had enough of the games ? Can she stand her ground with Blake or will she realise that she is in far too deep to back out now and that she has gotten herself involved with a man who can- with a click of his fingers make those she cares most about in the world suffer , if she does not play his games. This book ends in a semi-cliffhanger, if you love the Art world and a hint of BDSM and Eroticism along with the art of Manipulation , this is the book for you.


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