Monday, July 13, 2015

VBT# What Happens in Berlin - Jen McConnel

What Happens in Berlin (Adventures Abroad)

Review: What Happens in Berlin - Book #3 Adventures Abroad Series - Jen McConnel - June 2015

What Happens in Berlin is Joelle's story and starts off with the surprise of a lifetime when her family get an invitation in the mail for a wedding , her brother Charlie whom the family haven't really heard much from ever since he left and joined the army and moved to Berlin is getting married. The thing is too is that the girl, her family have never even heard or met her before. Joelle and her family pack their bags and off they fly around the world to Germany. It is here that she first decides to go for a bit of a tiki-tour and she is noticed by a guy whom we later meet and know as Johan - Petra cousin and Petra is Charlie's fiancee. The thing is though that Joelle isn't even sure she is that into guys , but hasn't found the right way to tell her parents but hasn't yet found anyone to give her that spark that Charlie and Petra have. What will happen though when in Berlin, Joelle meets Violet aka Vi at Petra's wedding and the two of them spark and share a moment, has Joelle finally found someone she can love ? What will happen though when loving her for the moment isn't enough and Violet wants a stronger commitment that Joelle can't give at the moment as she is still trying to figure out who she is and what she wants in life ? What Happens in Berlin leads into Book #4 as Joelle after the trip in Berlin heads off to Italy to meet up with Sarah and Camie for another adventure abroad.


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