Monday, July 13, 2015

VBT# What Happens in London - Jen McConnel

What Happens in London (Adventures Abroad)

Review: What Happens in London - Book #1 Adventures Abroad Series - Jen McConnel - June 2015

This was my favourite Adventures Abroad book so far. Book #1 What Happens in London is Sarah's story.  It starts off with her in London, doing a Nannying job for two little ones Gracie and Ben , that is until the mum starts to manipulate her and Sarah finds herself sick and out of work and even worse, out of a place to stay. This brings Sarah to the hostel where she meets Joelle - Joelle was the one from What Happens in Berlin and What Happens Abroad, the two become fast friends. Also in London, we note that Sarah is a bit of a bookworm and finds herself wandering around London and ending in a bookstore where she meets Carson - one of the workers. The pair meet and sparks fly and soon the two of them despite Sarah's reservations at first become a couple. Things are going well for Sarah and for her birthday Carson treats her to a trip to Amsterdam, this is where things for the pair start to go downhill and fast as Carson finds himself out of cash and Sarah accuses him of stealing and using her - which as we read , we can glimpse this is from her past where she had been verbally abused by her father. This part of the book I could relate to well , as I have been through similar circumstances and you do start to wonder - whether they really do like you or whether you are being the butt of their jokes. This book finishes on a wee cliffhanger and leaves me wondering whether Sarah and Carson will ever get their HEA. I am hoping the author will conclude Sarah's story as she did Camie's in What Happens Abroad.


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