Tuesday, July 14, 2015

VBT# Naked - Stacey Trombley


Review: Naked - Stacey Trombley - July 2015

As readers will know , I am a cover girl and that is what drew me to this book as the cover was so innovative and creative. Who would have thought to create a cover like this to explain Stacey's new book "Naked". 
In Naked, we meet Exquisite ,a sixteen year old prostitute living in New York. The first scene takes place in a police station and we learn that Exquisite was in fact Anna - a girl who ran away from home when she was fourteen years old. Anna has been living with her "pimp" after he saved her from ever having to be raped again - after her first instance when she arrived in New York. The social worker has now taken her back home to her parents, the thing is in Anna's eyes - her life was much better living on the streets than under the thick thumb and ruling of her father whom we discover is abusive towards Anna and her mother.  He enrols Anna back into school and we read how difficult it is for Anna to intergrate back into the schooling life especially since there are rumours and some of them are nasty truths circulating around about her at school. Back in her hometown though , Anna has made a new friend Jackson - whom despite the rumours -he seems to actually genuinely like Anna and care about her , she has never had anyone like this in her life before . Normally caring comes with a price tag. What will happen though when someone from Anna's past turns up and is eager to threaten her and expose her secret life to the world ?
Find out in this Edgy Teen Fiction novel "Naked" by Stacey Trombley. A novel you will not be able to put down and one where you discover once you peel back all the layers of identities we have created for ourselves - in our own way ,we are all Naked.


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