Tuesday, July 14, 2015

VBT# Right Next Door - A.J Pryor

Review: Right Next Door - A.J Pryor - June 2015

Life can change in a fleeting moment, one second everything can be great and you are living your life to the full and things are looking up and you have this perfect life and then the next , something happens and it will threaten your perfect life and if you aren't one of the lucky ones, then that moment can end up ruining your life and changing the course of fate and where your life may end.  For Addison, that one moment changed her life in the latter where she wasn't so lucky - she had a great job, a loving fiance , a good education and then the moment that changed everything appeared - her dad was dying and so she had to pack up and move back home. Left with the inkling of hope that her fiance would come back and they would be able to carry back on with their lives.  Five years pass and Addison, had lost hope that she would ever see him again. Then he turns up out of the blue, she's hoping he kept his promise - the thing is he's already someone else's husband . He started a new life , a marriage without her. Feeling hurt and dejected , Addison swears off men as most women do in this type of circumstance only for a hottie to move in next door - Damian Walker.  Can Addison though let Damian in her life , especially with her ex-fiance still hanging around ? Has love thrown Addison a second chance with , not to be cliched but "the man next door" ?
Find out in this New Adult Contemporary Romance about Love and Second Chances by AJ Pryor with the man "Right next Door".


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