Friday, August 5, 2016

VBT# Eight Second Ride - Anne Jolin

Eight-Second Ride (Willow Bay Stables, #2) 

Review: Eight Second Ride - Book #2 Willow Bay Stables - Anne Jolin - July 2016

Eight Seconds as I found out from reading this book and from watching the movie The Longest Ride is how long a bull rider must stay on the bull in order to qualify for the championships and making the big bucks. As someone who grew up with a little bit of knowledge with the rodeos as my Nana and Grandad participated in it as did my Uncle, the rodeo side of things has always fascinated me and one day I wish to see an American Rodeo.  The book starts ten years ago where we meet Rayne Brooks and her husband , he is a bull-rider and tragedy strikes . The book then fast-forwards to ten years later where Rayne aka Ray Brooks has just moved to Willow Bay to take over her father's Vet business and raise her daughter . After being hurt after the accident, she made a rule - Never Date a Cowboy or at the very least one involved with the rodeo circuit.  After his horse was injured in the Rodeo , Owen Daniels has returned home to Willow Bay Stables - to get his horse fixed and help out the family before heading back onto the road and into the circuit. Owen meets Ray and his heart is captivated with her and so begins the cycle of his asking her out and she - rejecting him with the line of "I don't date cowboys". Can Owen prove to her that he loves her and would do anything for her ? However, when it comes to the crunch - can Owen give up his love and passion of the Rodeo for romance and a life settling down in Willow Bay ? Is Owen Daniels ready for an instant family ? Also for those who remember London Daniels and Branson Tucker from Book #1: Change of Rein  - the two have a little baby in Eight Second Ride.
Find out in another awesome book by Anne Jolin in her Willow Bay Stables series and I now can't wait to read Book #3 which is the younger Daniels sister's story.

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