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Review: 10 Years Later - J.Sterling

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10 Years Later

Review: 10 Years Later - J.Sterling - March 2015

One of my favorite themes to read about is second chance romances and even more so when high school/ college reunions are added to the mix.  Ten years ago, Cammie fell in love with a guy in her class Dalton, and then tragedy fell upon Cammie, and she changed. The only person that ever got her through her dark days was Dalton, and all went well, right up until Prom. From that moment, Cammie was heartbroken and avoided Dalton like the plague, and so this happened until they both froze one another out and never talked again.  Fast-forward ten years, and it's time for Cammie's High School Reunion, and she is only keen on catching up with one guy - Dalton. Over the years she has searched for him, but not found a single trace not even on Facebook. It's like he no longer exists, especially in a world where everyone who's everyone now has a Facebook account.  We discover that Cammie is working at a radio station as a producer/fact checker and occasional talk show buffer between the hosts. Dalton is an undercover cop and working on a big operation at the moment and has the night off to attend his High School Reunion. Both have one goal in mind - find the other and tell them how much they love one another and eventually live HEA. Easy enough right? It would be, but Cammie is wary of Dalton's job due to her personal heartbreak at losing her father and watching her mother suffer. Can Cammie open her heart to Dalton knowing he is a cop or will this be what halts the idea of their HEA ? The ending of this book did get me thinking about whether if you were in that situation where your ideal partner had a job where you were always worrying, would that be a relationship ultimatum for you or would you just suck it up as you love and care for them too much to choose a life without them at all ? If you love high school reunions and second chance romances, then check out 10 Years Later by J.Sterling today.

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