Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: American Savages - JJ McAvoy

American Savages (Ruthless People, #3)

Review: American Savages - Book #3 Ruthless People - JJ McAvoy - March 2015
Another favorite author of mine who is now on my Automatic must read list is JJ McAvoy. I love all her books, and one of my favorite mobster type series is Ruthless People. I find for a mobster family, the characters are all easy to relate too and though they have evil sides and powerful they all hold an ethic of the family comes first and will do everything in their power to protect the ones they love. American Savages starts with the introduction of young Melody and a young Liam Callahan as they are thrust into the world of mobsters and loyalty. Years later, these two would be joined in marriage to unite both families together. Eventually, they fell in love and had a son named Ethan. All was going well until one day, Melody disappeared, and Liam was accused and charged with her murder. American Savages starts with Liam in jail and his trial looming. Readers waited in anticipation to see if Melody would turn up or let Liam rot in jail. When the family is finally reunited, it seems that danger is looming around all corners and there is a mole in the midst. As more people are killed and information leaked, Liam and Melody as the head of the families organization must take the lead and find out who is trying to betray them before their closest family members are killed in the line of loyalty and duty. What will happen though when the mole turns out to be someone in their inner circles and someone linked to power? Will their duty of punishment waver or when more are killed will the family take matters into their own hands? As usual, American Savages was a fast-paced, and high adrenaline read as each chapter is action-packed and adventure-fuelled. If you love Mobster reads and have not yet checked out JJ McAvoy's Ruthless People series, then add it to your reading list now.

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