Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Abandoned - Elisa Dane


Review: Abandoned - Elisa Dane - February 2016

Hiding behind a facade can be one of the easiest and hardest things in the world to do at the same time. Tierra Owens is one of those who has a facade of a girl who likes to kiss and sleep around with guys. The truth is though that she only kisses and it is her way of getting herself to be distracted from what her reality at home is like. Tierra's mother is a druggie and alcoholic and someone who likes to play around and go from man to man. Tierra's life at home is a living hell, and when her mom goes on her away binges, it's the only time she feels free and safe. However, Tierra is about to discover that life is going to get more difficult when her mother's latest trip turns out to be a lie and Tierra discovers that she has been abandoned and left with no money for power, food, etc. At only seventeen, Tierra has to keep up the image of a healthy home. Otherwise, she will be taken and put in a group home till she turns 18. No-one has ever gotten close to Tierra except for two people in her life - Mattie and Kaylee. Kaylee helps Tierra to be the preppy, popular girl but when Mattie turns up, he starts to turn Tierra's life upside down as her past feelings and friendship with his start to flood back and soon Tierra's perfect facade starts to crack, even more so when her mother disappears for good. Can Tierra keep up her appearances or will someone discover her secret? What happens when Tierra's father shows up with a big secret for her especially when she discovers who her father's family is? I had personally hoped that in this book they would have discussed further her father's family and why her mom left her father and about life leading up to Tierra's birth. If you are in the mood for an Edgy YA Romantic Suspense tale, then check out Abandoned by Elisa Dane today.

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