Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review: The Blogger and the Hunk - Jane Matisse

The Blogger and the Hunk

Review: The Blogger and the Hunk - Jane Matisse - September 2016

I have to admit I had high hopes for this book and I wonder if that's why I gave it a lower rating as it didn't grab me as much as I had originally thought it would. Though Penelope the main character was considered a hermit and not one to choose to club as she would prefer a night in with a good book and a glass of wine. I had assumed she would have come across more of a book lover as this one barely touched on her blogging and when she did blog it was more like diary entries rather than blogging of sorts. On a whim, Penelope heads out with her two friends, and it seems like Penelope is the DUFF of the group. Like the other two hook-up with guys at the bar, Penelope drinks and people watch. During her time at the bar, she meets Jack aka The Hunk. He is out with his friends and strikes up a conversation with Penelope, she isn't his type at all, but there is something about her he can't shake. One thing leads to another and wham bam Penelope ends up having a one-night stand with Jack, and that's the last time she sees Jack or so she thinks. Penelope's sister is getting married and wants her college friend Jackie to be her Maid of Honor. The thing is that Jackie turns out to be a guy named Jack and when Penelope turns up at a fitting, lo and behold it's her one night stand. As the pair keep getting chucked together with the upcoming wedding, we can't help but see sparks fly between the two. Is Jackie aka Jack the one guy who can bring Penelope out of her shell and will she be the one to bring Jack's bachelor days to an end? Find out in Jane Matisse's book "The Blogger and the Hunk." 

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