Friday, February 24, 2017

VBT# Royally Matched - Emma Chase

Royally Matched (Royally, #2)

Review: Royally Matched - Book #2 Royally Series - Emma Chase - February 2017

After enjoying book #1 in this series, I couldn't wait to read Emma Chase's new one in the Royally series. Royally Matched had everything I love about it from of course being written by a favourite author - Emma Chase to being a member of the Royal family - Prince Henry aka soon to be King Henry when his Grandmother passes, Reality TV - The Bachelor: Royal style and finally - Sarah - the main female character is a Librarian. It was like this book was written for me in mind. Those who have read Book #1 Royally Screwed will remember that Nicholas renounced his status of King-to-be and passed the reins over to his playboy brother Henry. For the past few months, Henry has been struggling with everything, and now the Queen aka Grandmother has banished him to one of the family estates till she cleans up his messes. During the banishment, Henry is approached by Vanessa - a tv producer who is wanting to make a TV series about Henry. Enter: The Bachelor: Royal Edition, where twenty royal aristocrats will play against one another to win Henry's love. One of those twenty Royals is Penelope Von Titebottum and accompanying her to make sure she keeps out of mischief and to help get her out of a Public Library Symposium where she is supposed to present a paper is Lady Sarah Von Titebottum. I loved the character of Sarah as she works in a library like myself and loves her books. As the tv show goes along and fewer princesses are left remaining, it seems that Sarah has captured Henry's attention.  Can Henry prove to Sarah that none of the other contestants mean anything and that he loves her or is Henry just putting on a show for the world? Do opposites attract with Royally Matched's Henry and Sarah? I thought that I had loved Royally Screwed, but sorry Book #1 - Royally Matched has taken your place as my favorite in the series.The other thing I enjoyed was getting to know the character's backstories as well - Royally Matched wasn't just a light-hearted chick lit romance read as it appears but also one that delved a bit deeper into the hidden secrets and quirks of both Henry and Sarah.
 If you love reading about Royalty and enjoy your HEA's, then Royally Matched by Emma Chase is the next Royal read for you.

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