Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Avenged - E.E Cooper

Avenged (Vanished, #2)

Review: Avenged - Book #2 Vanished Series - E.E Cooper - November 2016

At the end of Book #1 Vanished, Brit turned up, and Beth had been the one to die. Everyone believes that Brit had nothing to do with Beth's death and that she was a victim too. That is everyone except for Kalah who was friends with both of them, but closer to Beth than Brit. You see Kalah knows Brit's true colors and how she always likes to be the center of attention and nobody crosses Brit and lives to tell the tale. It is considered social suicide to cross Brit, and it seems since Beth is dead, things went too far. In Avenged, Kalah will start her investigation to catch Brit out for the murder but can she complete it successfully especially when the fingers are pointing at her as the murderer in some twisted love affair where they have painted Kalah as a psycho stalker. Personally, for me, I did enjoy Avenged but felt that it fell a bit flat for the story it was trying to portray. Yes, Brit was a sociopath but it could have played a bit more on her sociopathic sides and her need for attention as nobody can be that clever which we did discover her flaws at the end of the book. I had also hoped that Kalah's family could have been a bit more supportive of her as they seemed quite oblivious to what was really happening and seemed to place the fault on her by suggesting strongly she goes to therapy etc. The Vanished series is a great read if you loved Sara Shepard's series Pretty Little Liars and The Perfectionists mixed with the Kiss Kill Love Him Still series by Jamie Blair and wanting some teen mystery to add variety to your reading lists.

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