Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: 9 Letters - Blake Austin

Opening my kindle while on holiday, I was in the mood for an ugly cry book. I have had 9 Letters sitting on my Kindle since last year and decided it was time to give it a read, hoping that it would be emotional. Reading 9 Letters, I likened this book to the movie PS I Love You based on Cecelia Ahern's book as it followed a similar plot line just in a gender reversal way. It was nice for a change to read this with a male lead too as most often it is women that are left as the ones living. Luke's wife Emily passed away a year ago, and he isn't coping as well as he should be. Luke is drowning in grief and sleeping with one of his colleagues and using her as a booty call. He has distanced himself away from his friends and family and slowly day by day losing parts of himself. On the anniversary of Emily's one year, since she died, a group of 9 letters arrives. Each letter is addressed to Luke in Emily's writing and numbered 1-9. Each letter consists a challenge which will help Luke to move forward with his life, and he mustn't open the next letter until he has completed the challenge that Emily has laid out for him in the current letter. The first challenge was to go and pick a pet dog. It is here that Luke meets Rita and emotions and feelings that he has not felt since Emily are stirred up. As the book goes along, we read as Luke starts to pull his life back on track with Emily's guidance and in so will find himself meeting new people, making new friends and some of those have the possibility of becoming long-lasting and forevers.  If you need an ugly cry book and a story that will pull at those heart strings of yours, then check out 9 Letters by Blake Austin today as this is one story that will not leave you with a dry tissue but a wet sopping one.
Fans of the movie PS I Love You will enjoy 9 Letters by Blake Austin.

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