Friday, February 24, 2017

VBT# College Life 101: Freshmen Orientation - JB Vample

Heading to college can be a big challenge and change for many, it is one of the American's passages of life and steps to Adulthood. In College Life 101: Freshman Orientation, we will meet a group of students starting their college lives. Each one will be from a different background, family and struggling with an issue and over time will discover that one of the most important things in college is creating friendships that will turn into lifelong relationships and that sometimes the person you least expect to be in your life will become your besties. In College 101 - we have Sidra, Chasity, Alexandra, Emily, and Malajia. Each girl will learn to be their person and in their first year of college overcome an obstacle that has them at a standstill. From Sidra - a prim and proper princess , Chasity - a girl who has never experienced love from her mother and has an attitude to kick , Alexandra who is like a mother hen dishing out advice and trying to solve everyone's problems , Emily - a shy and naive girl that needs to learn not to be a pushover and Malajia - an attention seeker who has to always be the centre of attention. Read College Life 101: Freshman Orientation as these five girls will learn to navigate through the halls of their first year of College through Classes, Friendships, Parties, and Boys.
 As I am a fan of College Life stories, I loved this book and am looking forward to the next Semester to see how the girls get on with Year #2.

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