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VBT# Saying Goodbye - Abigail Drake

Saying Goodbye, Part One

Review: Saying Goodbye - Part #1 - Book #1 Passports and Promises - Abigail Drake - September 2016

Life is a funny thing; it throws obstacles in our way often in the form of people just as we have a big decision ahead of ourselves that could change our lives forever. Samantha Barnes has dreamed of becoming a translator and studying at the Applied Linguistics school and has a semester abroad in Japan coming up. She can't wait as it is the start of her dream come true towards her career.  Sam had no time for boyfriends as they only get in the way and she didn't want any ties attached before she left and of course her past three boyfriends had been considered Mistakes as she always picks the wrong ones. Enter Dylan Hunter, he has captured Sam's attention, and despite her objections, the pair go from friends to lovers pretty quickly but things aren't always as they seem as Dylan isn't the perfect boyfriend that he is portraying. Dylan missed a whole year last year ? Was it drugs or something else ? As the time gets closer to her leaving will Sam be able to part ways and say goodbye to Dylan ?

Saying Goodbye, Part Two

Review: Saying Goodbye - Part #2 - Book#1 Passports and Promises Series - Abigail Drake - September 2016

At the end of Part #1, we were left with the shocking discovery of Dylan's downfall, and it landed him in the hospital. Sam has now arrived in Japan to start her semester abroad, but her heart still feels for Dylan, and she blames herself for his spiral downward as what would have happened if she hadn't found him when she did. In Japan, Sam has captured the attention of another guy, and if you can remember, she wanted to make her number of guys she had slept with as five and Dylan were number #4. It seems though that the new guy Scottish Thomas McGregor who is a rugby player/ linguistics major like herself wants to become number #5. Can Sam move on with Thomas when her mind is always on Dylan who is lying catatonic in a hospital bed? What will happen though when she discovers he is a great guy and starts to spend time with him and finds herself each day thinking less of Dylan. Meanwhile back home tragedy has occurred regarding Dylan? Can Sam ever forgive herself? Is being in Japan Sam's moment to finally discover her true self and in doing so finding her sourumeito (soulmate)? Is Number #5 her lucky number? Find out in Part #2 of Saying Goodbye by Abigail Drake. Overall the Book #1 Passports and Promises was a book about growing up and finding yourselves and knowing and accepting that to grow, we all have to make mistakes, and some of those will impact our lives greatly, but it is all part of the road map of our lives.

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