Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review: Bet Me -- Lila Monroe

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Bet Me

Review: Bet Me - Lila Monroe - January 2017

One of my favorite genres to read is Romantic Comedies, as I always find myself chuckling away and feeling refreshed after a good laugh not to mention a good book. Bet Me started off with Lizzie having a bad date after bad date and finding her Tinder guys just aren't clicking. What she wants is that old classic romance like Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, movie stars like Clark Gable and Cary Grant. After another bad date, Lizzie records a message she believes is for her sister - a rant about how she is going on a Sex Strike and about how real romance doesn't exist anymore. What Lizzie doesn't realize is that she accidentally uploaded the video to the web and now her drunken rant has hit viral status. Now everyone wants to get a piece of Lizzie. If that wasn't bad enough, she has to work with Jake Weston - a modern-day Indiana Jones - Treasure Hunter as they scour for unique pieces for her Hollywood through the ages display at the museum she works for. One thing leads to another and Lizzie starts to fall for Jake and vice versa, and he may very well be the one to break her dry spell. What will happen though when one of Jake's friends puts out a bet to the world in the male magazine he owns? When Lizzie finds out, she will have to make the decision about Jake and wonder if he does love her or is he just in it to win the money as there is a $50K bounty on breaking her sex strike? Bet Me by Lila Monroe had a lot of my favourite things in this book from having a Fool's Gold - the movie starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McCounaghey feel to Museum curators and ones who are like the Librarians crossed with Indiana Jones to Hollywood films throughout the ages as Lizzie and Jake work on the display throughout Bet Me.

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