Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: The Spark - Sylvie Stewart

The Spark (The Carolina Connections #2)

Review: The Spark - Book #2 Caroline Connections Series - Sylvie Stewart - November 2016

Are you in the mood for a romantic comedy? Wanting something with a bit of a suspense and thrill to it? The Spark first drew me in by the cover as it had a cutesy feel to it and I just expected this to be a sweet romance. Instead, The Spark by Sylvie Stewart had me laughing out loud as I read through the book. Inside it turned out to be a Romantic Comedy/Suspense tale. We are introduced first to Fiona Pierce, who comes across a bit of a ditzy air head that comes from money. She is also sarcastic and a bit of a smart-aleck and seems to rub her best friend's partner's friend Mark up the wrong way. When the two of them are in a room, all they can do is pick on one another and treat each other horribly. When Mark's father comes back into the picture, trouble follows as Mark's family are thrust into the middle of loan shark debts as the loan sharks threaten to come after Mark's mother. Fiona who always loves to help and be a fixer decides to enlist the help of their friends and save Mark or at least come up with a plan to deter the loan sharks and steer them away from Mark's mother. During this adventure, we read as the sparks fly between Mark and Fiona, but can the two work out despite both swearing off love and bad mistakes? Is it true that opposites do attract and that the age-old act of teasing can still mean you have feelings for that person? 
Find out in this Cute Chick-Lit Mystery - The Spark by Sylvie Stewart. 


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