Thursday, May 17, 2018

Review: Clean Slate - Piper Rayne

Clean Slate (Charity Case, #0.5)

Review: Clean Slate - Book # 0.5 Charity Case Series - Piper Rayne - April 2018

When Victoria's marriage ends, she finds herself needing to get a fresh start and has plans to head back to her hometown in Chicago as her mother has got MS and needed help around the home. Now Victoria has to break the news to the current men in her life which include her boss Jagger and her ex-husband Pete.  Clean Slate was a quick prequel read to the Charity Case series and has Victoria breaking the news to her ex-husband over a meal which and then her boss who gets her an interview with Hannah - her new boss in Manic Monday. I had read Manic Monday before this series, so the interaction between Hannah, Chelsea, and Victoria had developed further but if I had to pick a favorite thing about this series is the banter between the females in what they like to call the Divorcee Club.  Will Chicago offer Victoria a clean slate? Find out in this super quickie read by Piper Rayne, an awesome prequel to an equally awesome series.

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