Monday, June 25, 2018

Cover Reveal : Family Ties - Kylie Abecca

Synopsis: Family Ties - Book #1 Kids in Business Series - Kylie Abecca - August 2018

‘All foster kids are siblings. We stick together. It’s what we do.’ 
11 year old Abigail Jackson is thrilled to find out she has just been given a permanent home with the Harris family. To top it off Aunt Kathy and Uncle Peter choose to celebrate by taking young Abby and their grandson on an amazing adventure. 
For the first time in seven years Abby is determined to forget she is a foster child and enjoy her family adventure to the full. Abby discovers the world is an awesome place with frightening challenges, beautiful sights, luscious tastes and majestic creatures and she enjoys them all. 
That is until she realises just how lucky she truly is and vows to do something about it.

And this is a little bit about the book and pre order competition:

Kids in Business is a new children's series about a group of foster children who decide to work together to raise money to help orphans and foster children in third world countries to receive the education, nourishment and medical treatment they need.
Book One Family Ties follows 11 year old Abigail Jackson as she embarks on an exciting journey with her foster parents and their grandson in the beautiful country of Indonesia.
While on their family holiday, Abby experiences what it feels like to live like any other child, without the constant reminder of being a child in foster care.
Then she meets children who, like her don't have their biological parents in their life. Their lives are so vastly different to her own, she realises just how lucky she really is and decides to do all she can to help all children around the world to have a chance to feel as lucky as she does.
With the help of her loving foster family, the Kids in Business is born.
All ebook and paperback pre-orders go in the draw to win a gift pack with exclusive Kids in Business merchandise and a $20 Amazon gift card.
Pre-orders are automatically at a discounted price. Prices will change as of August 1.

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Chapter six is available to read on my website:

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