Sunday, June 24, 2018

Review: Hating Gracie - Scarlett Haven

Hating Gracie (Bayside Academy Book 3)

Review: Hating Gracie - Book #3 Bayside Academy Series - Scarlett Haven - May 2018
This is one book that I just had to read as I have been waiting for this one for a while since I discovered Scarlett Haven and at that time I went and read everything she had published. Back then she only had the first two books in this series published. When I saw this one, I grabbed it as couldn't wait to see who "X" turned out to be an OMG when it was revealed, I was glad that the person was caught but in another way slightly disappointed. X turned out to be a bit like the ending of Shannon Greenland's Watching You. I wanted a deeper reasoning. I also felt that I was missing a book in between when it started as I felt a chunk of time had passed between the characters and where they were at. In the beginning, Liam turns up dead and X is still stalking Gracie. Gracie is happy dating Jay but Noah wants in on some of the action as we can see he is wrestling with the decision of not being able to date Gracie.  I also loved the introduction of Ben from the Spy School which brought together a crossover from one of Scarlett's other series "The Spy Chronicles" which BTW am now waiting for Book #3 in that series. If you love romantic suspense, YA and High School drama then check out the Bayside Academy series by Scarlett Haven. This is one series that I advise to be read in order.

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