Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: Watching You - Shannon Greenland

Watching You

Review: Watching You - Shannon Greenland - July 2018 
When I was approached about reading and reviewing this book, my answer was a definite YES as I love and read all of Shannon Greenland/ S.E Green's books to date. The idea of a stalker also fascinated me as I love that suspense feel . Viola has started at a prestigous school on a scholarship and meets her peer mentor whom Viola has taken the scholarship from. There is a love/hate relationship between the two but we can see that their are sparks flying as despite either one wanting to admit it, they come from similar backgrounds. During this book, we learn that Viola has a stalker and someone is watching her from the background and at one point even in her dorm room. This part had my heart pumping a bit. On a night out, Viola is attacked by her stalker but manages to be saved . I have to admit the ending of this book fell flat for me especially when the stalker was revealed as I was hoping for maybe a deeper reasoning behind the stalker and I also felt things in the end were rushed and the actions of the stalker swept under the rug.  This is the reason, Watching You is getting 4P's instead of 5Ps. If you are looking for a YA romantic suspense that is a light-read then Watching You is a good read but if you are wanting a stalker book with deeper meaning then this is not the book for you as you will be slightly disappointed.

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