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Review: The Progeny - Tosca Lee

The Progeny (Descendants of the House of Bathory #1)

Review: The Progeny - Book #1 Descendants of the House of Bathory Series - Tosca Lee - May 2016
This book has been on my to-read list for a while now as it sounded very interesting. It grabbed me from the tagline of a serial killer descendant and the amnesia storyline.  Emily Jacobs wakes up in a small hidden town of Maine with no recollection of her past or her life. All she has is a letter explaining to her that she paid for her memory to be wiped and it to look like she has been killed in an accident. That's all good and well, but she is about to discover that she is being hunted by a group called the Scions . Why ? Because she is part of the bloodline of Elizabeth Bathory - an ancient serial killer and for the past 400 years all the females in the bloodline have been hunted down and killed. In order to protect the bloodline and save their children, the children have been put in adoption and normally are safe until they turn 18 when their powers come to play. The men are hunted too but it's the females that are seen as the most dangerous . Emily's real name is Audra and she's not just being hunted because of her relationship to Elizabeth Bathory. Audra is special as it seems she actually is from Anastasia's bloodline - more pure and powerful . A line that was thought to have never existed. We discover too that Audra fell in love with her hunter Luka and that she wiped her memory to save them both. This was quite a fast-paced book and fans of stories like The Da Vinci Code will love. What got me was the cliffhanger in the book which showed the true reason on why Audra got her memory wiped and it showed that true love is the biggest weapon that their is and sometimes we will go to extremes to protect those we love unconditionally. I am now looking extremely forward to reading the next book due to the cliffhanger we were presented within The Progeny.

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