Sunday, June 24, 2018

Review: Texas Ranger - James Patterson and Andrew Bourelle

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Texas Ranger

Review: Texas Ranger - Book #1 Rory Yates Series - James Patterson and Andrew Bourelle - April 2018

I wasn't sure what this book was going to be like as a couple of the writers' that James Patterson joins forces with touch and go. Some of them I have loved like Maxine Paetro and others have been not so great. This particular one, I really enjoyed as we are introduced to Rory Yates who is a Texas Ranger. Rory gets a call from his ex-wife Anne telling him to come home as her life is in danger, she has been getting threats and now believes she is going to be killed. Rory guns it back to his small hometown only to find he is too late and Anne - the love of his life is dead.  Rory believes that Anne's current beau Cal is the killer but will soon realize he isn't the only one grieving her death. Being a handsome guy and lead footballer, Rory had his pick of the girls and this book soon becomes the girls who dated Rory are being hunted down. Is this a vendetta against Rory himself or is someone trying to set Rory up to take the fall? What happens when the new girl has Rory's attention? Will the killer go after Willow as well? Can Rory save the ones he loves that remain? The other storyline that runs through this book is that Rory's father is ill and dying. What I loved too about this book is that Rory had a supportive family and tight-family unit. I am now looking forward to seeing if this pair creates another book with Rory Yates and the Texas Rangers.

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