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Review: In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody

In Some Other Life

Review: In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody - August 2017
For the past three years, Kennedy Rhodes has been keeping a big secret from her family. All her life, she wanted to attend Windsor Academy and that dream nearly came true until she gave it all up for a guy named Austin. Yes, you heard correctly - Kennedy chucked everything away for a high school romance. Now three years later, she has accomplished resurrecting a school newspaper and winning awards but is she truly happy as she constantly checks the Windsor website and wonders What If ? Especially now as Kennedy has just caught her best friend hooking up with her boyfriend. Running to her safe place, she heads to Windsor Academy and bumps her head. When Kennedy wakes up, she discovers she is a student at Windsor Academy and that she did accept the place after all.  With this new life, Kennedy will finally experience what her life could have been? Will she like this version of Kennedy, her friends, and family or will she realize that life in a public school is better for all? I loved this book as I have always had a thing for parallel universes and I am the type to wonder "What If" for a few of my decisions. I have always thought it would be an interesting concept if there was a way we could view or experience our parallel universes? Maybe our dream worlds are our versions of parallel universes? This is one YA Book that I suggest all should read and give a go, as it will get you thinking about the what if scenarios in your life.


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