Monday, June 18, 2018

Lindsey Reviews - “Delilah Dusticle” - A.J York

Delilah Dusticle (Delilah Dusticle, #1)
“Delilah Dusticle”
A.J. York
Nova Books
Delilah Dusticle is a maid who is a “dusting delight” possessing an amazing ability to completely eradicate dust. With her quiver pouch of special dusters, Delilah can run up walls, and remove dust from “every nook and cranny”. As a maid in the Fenchurch-Whittington household, Delilah’s unusual skills swiftly lead to her being promoted to Chief Dust Eradicator and Remover. Delilah is headhunted by others and offered all sorts of bribes to tempt her away from the house.  Yet Delilah is in love with Charlie Fenchurch-Whittington the third, even though such relations between staff and the family are frowned upon and lead to instant dismissal.
Yet all this is set to change for poor Delilah, when on his return from a business trip, Charlie introduces the family to his new fiancée’ Abigail.  Broken hearted, Delilah withdraws into herself and finds that her powers fade until she is eventually let go by her employers.  Delilah rents a small room and takes on a job tending a nearby disused graveyard.  Alone and increasingly isolated, Delilah in her misery retreats from the world.  However, a chance meeting with Abigail and her young son Charlie, is set to change this.  After literally bumping into the pair, Delilah and Abi begin to forge a friendship.  Not recognising Delilah from her previous role, the two become confidants, meeting up to share talks and feed the ducks. But when Delilah reveals who she is and the reason why she had to leave her previous employment, will this threaten the ladies’ friendship or will their comradeship conquer all?
This was a really enchanting tale.  The author dealt with many themes in the story: the power of friendship, the uniqueness of us all as individuals, how everyone has a talent and the importance of self-belief as “the more you believe there is nothing good about you, the more real it will become.” I loved how the author used the symbolism of the untended graveyard as a metaphor for Delilah: when she tends and cares for it, under her care, it begins to bloom and people revisit it. Likewise, Abi’s care and interest in Delilah mean that Delilah can escape from her depression and regain her former spark.
A modern day fairy-tale with a highly endearing lead character relaying a positive, moral message, this will appeal to both the young and the young at heart.

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