Sunday, June 24, 2018

Review: Bourbon Kingdom - Meghan Quinn

Bourbon Kingdom (Bourbon, #3)

Review: Bourbon Kingdom - Book #3 Jett Girl Series - Meghan Quinn - October 2017
I have to admit out of the Jett Girl series, this was probably my least favorite book as it took a while for me to read through it. I guess I really liked the Jett, Goldie, and Kace chemistry. In the Bourbon Kingdom, Goldie has taken matters into her own hands and told Jett to have faith in her and that she will be back. Goldie knows that Lot 17 means the world to Jett Colby and if she is ever to have a future with him, she knows she has to take down the two men standing in Jett's way - Rex Titan and Leo Colby.  Goldie goes back to Rex and gets him to invite her to his club , where she plans on exposing him. Things are going to be a bit harder than she imagined as Rex has found another plaything Mercy who he has trained to be the perfect submissive. What I did like about this book was it showed Goldie for the strong female she was and not some female who has to rely on Jett Colby and his money. I hated Jett's character as it was like , come on Jett she obviously is up to something as she wouldn't run back to Rex after she has over and over again given her heart to you to love. I did like the ending and how the newcomer Blane was also tied to Kace and Jett's past. I am now looking forward to the last book in this series which is Kace's story. The one thing I really loved about reading this was the memories it re-ignited from my week in NOLA as Cafe Dumond and the French Quarter feature in Bourbon Kingdom.


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