Sunday, June 10, 2018

Review: Part of Me - Magan Vernon

Part of Me (Friendship, Texas #3)

Review: Part of Me - Book #4 Friendship, Texas Series - Magan Vernon - February 2017
I had read a few books in this series, the books, however, can be read as stand-alone. In Part of Me, we meet Sofia who a few years ago went through an awkward phase and almost hooked up with Johnny - her best friend's fiance's best friend. The two went their separate way until now Johnny is back in Friendship, Texas and the spark between him and Sofia is still running extremely hot. So hot that they try to have sex by the goat pen and end up breaking the fence. I really liked this book as not only has it got a second chance romance storyline but a few romantic comedy parts to the book which makes it an easy read. Ever since Sofia's mum died and her father checked out, she has been doing things on her own and now her life is about to change in a major way. Her dad has a new girlfriend and is moving in with her and now she also has a part of Johnny growing inside of her.  Is Sofia ready to become a mother and is Johnny - an Olympic swimmer with an amazing career ahead of him, ready to be a dad ? Especially considering that their relationship is still very fresh and new and they are finding their feet with one another? I really liked this book and all the characters seemed to fit in together quite well even the ones we want to hate like Johnny's swimming partner.  If you are in the mood for a fun light-hearted second chance romance with laughs and an unexpected pregnancy, then check out Part of Me by Magan Vernon - Book #4 in the Friendship, Texas Series.

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