Sunday, June 10, 2018

VBT# : Reality Gold - Tiffany Brooks

Reality Gold

Review: Reality Gold - Tiffany Brooks - May 2018
After a prank went wrong at her High school, Riley and her best friend Ivy were expelled. Worst off Riley became a laughing stock and internet memes were posted about her and her friendship with Ivy faded. Now after finishing her homeschool year, she is ready to get back out into the world and show people who she really is. This opportunity arises in a reality Tv show called Reality Gold set on Black Rock Island.  The TV show is a teen version of Survivor. The other thing is that this show has a twist as the island is famous for being rumored to have buried treasure on it. The treasure has never been found and is supposedly cursed. Riley knows this information firsthand as her godfather Miles was obsessed with finding the treasure and eventually wound up murdered on the island. As the reality TV show continues, we read as strange things start occurring on the island - is the island really cursed or does somebody really not want the treasure to be found by these meddling kids? As the numbers start to dwindle for the remaining contestants, it will soon become a game of true survival as they encounter murderous treasure hunters and pirates. Who will survive Reality Gold? Find out on the next episode of Tiffany Brook's book "Reality Gold". A fun YA look into the world of treasure hunting and what goes on behind the scenes of reality TV and the castings.

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