Sunday, June 10, 2018

Review: Afternoon Delight - Piper Rayne

Afternoon Delight (Charity Case, #2)

Review: Afternoon Delight - Book #2 Charity Case Series - Piper Rayne - May 2018
You know how there are just some series that you read so fast you can't wait for the next one to hurry up whereas others can take years to read as you procrastinate and read other books ? For me, a series I have been loving this year and already read the prequel and now the first two books and will be sad to see it end is the Charity Case series by Piper Rayne. I love the characters of this series so much that I wish they were my best friends as they just seem to click so well with one another and their quips and banter just roll together so well. As we all know Chelsea Walsh is divorced and is our RISE dating queen . Just before her latest date, Hannah gets her to drop off something at their new tax attorney's office. She gets their and discovers to her shock and amazement that the new Tax Attorney is none other than her ex-husband Dean Bennett. For the past five years, Dean has been busy cleaning his act up and becoming a changed man and has one goal in mind - to win back Chelsea. Becoming the tax attorney for RISE was his foot in the door. Chelsea never stopped loving Dean but isn't ready for her heart to be broken again as this time she doesn't think she would be ever able to repair it. Can Dean prove to Chelsea that he has changed and would do anything to win her trust and more importantly love back ? Will Chelsea become Mrs. Bennett once again by the end of this book and this time have a little surprise for Dean ? Find out in Book #2 of this amazing series "Charity Case" a Romantic Comedy / Second Chance Romances  - Afternoon Delight by Piper Rayne.  What I also loved in this book was that we got see a crossover of characters from the other two series of Piper Rayne's - Single Dads Club and Bedroom Games.

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