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Review: 200 Harley Street: Surgeon in a Tux - Carol Marinelli

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Surgeon in a Tux (200 Harley Street, #1)

Review: 200 Harley Street - Surgeon in a Tux - Book #1 200 Harley Street - Carol Marinelli - April 2014
Lizzie Birch has been given the opportunity of a lifetime after helping Ethan Hunter recuperate after his war accident, he put in a good word for her at his family's hospital situated at 200 Harley Street. Leo Hunter took over the family business and has now got a great reputation as a cosmetic surgeon but also as a playboy who goes through woman faster than his prescription pad. Lizzie arrives after being hired on the spot as Head Nurse. Her first impression of Leo does nothing but reassure her of his playboy status as standing in his office is his current fling in her red lacy underwear. As the book goes on, Leo starts to realize that Lizzie isn't like the girls he normally falls for and he is starting to think he might have a chance at a proper relationship. What will happen though when Lizzie isn't the type to roll over and jump every time Leo asks and he discovers that she will always put her family first? Can he live with that? Is Lizzie the chosen one to reform Playboy Leo Hunter as this time if he wants her, he is going to have to up his ante and show her that he is in this for the long run.  200 Harley Street: Surgeon in a Tux was a fast read and definitely a straight-hitting romance that you expect from a Mills and Boon Harlequin. 


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