Monday, June 4, 2018

Review: Kissed by Reality - Carrie Aarons

Kissed by Reality

Review: Kissed by Reality - Carrie Aarons - April 2016
Leighton never thought that she would really find true love starring on a reality TV show and when she did, she cherished it right until the moment he broke her heart and she his. The pair went their separate ways but each moped about. That is until this coming season where Finn is starring on a Bachelor-type show called Finding Mrs. Right. Leighton has been signed up as one of the contestants, mainly to cause drama as there are unresolved issues between her and Finn. For Leighton though, this is her chance to win back the man she loves and not break her promise that she made to her mother who is currently lying in a hospital bed. When Finn sees Leighton, he can't believe his eyes and wants her voted off immediately - WTF makes her think she can waltz back into his life after she ripped out his heart and on national TV nonetheless. With some competition as there is another girl who could be right for Finn aka Erin, Leighton must up her game and prove to Finn that she made an awful mistake and that if he will forgive her , she can prove to him that she never stopped loving him. I loved this book as it had a mixture of favourite things from Reality TV Shows to Second Chance romances which Carrie Aarons is known for writing. I also loved the ending which showed the next season of the show and the starring contestant as it made me feel that everyone got at least some kind of happy ending. Fans of the TV show "The Bachelor and Bachelorette" will love Carrie Aarons Kissed by Reality.


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