Monday, June 4, 2018

Review: A Shamless Little Bet - Meli Raine

A Shameless Little Bet (Shameless, #3)

Review: A Shameless Little Bet - Book #3 Shameless Series - Meli Raine - June 2018
This series is coming to an end with new revelations and the true masterminds being found out. Like the first two books, this one also starts with the beginning of what was the cliffhanger in Book #2. We discover that Silas is not dead and that it was all a big fat test to see if Jane was betraying the ones she cares about and loves. I hated the fact that Drew put her through this as OMFG how many times can Jane prove that she had nothing to do with it all and that she is the one who is being set up and surprisingly was the main target all along and not Lindsay.  In Book #3 Jane learns that Alice has passed away and has left Jane her entire estate as she had no children or heirs to leave it too. Now with Alice gone, Jane feels more alone in the world and with more murders and attempts starting to stack up it seems that somebody will go to extremes to have Jane dead or set up for life imprisonment, just like they got her mother out of the way. In Book #3 Lindsay finally narrows her fathers down to three men, a bit like a Mamma Mia moment and we come face to face with Lindsay's real father which surprises a number of characters. I have to say the ending of this book was a bit of an OMG moment but then again it was justified. This series also goes to show the lengths of power people will go too in order to "rule the world" as with Alice's research, Jane and the others will unravel and 20+ year conspiracy. This was a good conclusion to the Shameless series and I am looking forward to reading her earlier works of Carrie's story since I have read all of the Harmless and the Shameless series.

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