Monday, June 4, 2018

Review: Wicked Wolf - Nazarea Andrews

Wicked Wolf (Wicked Ever After, #3)

Review: Wicked Wolf - Book #3 Wicked Ever After Series - Nazarea Andrews - February 2017

I've read a few of this series and now we travel over to Wolf's story.  Charles Blackwood is what you would call a bisexual and he loves the game, the chase except when it comes to the ones he loves. When he was in high school, he slept with a guy named Hunter and then the next day he saw Hunter was with the one girl he ever loved Scarlet. As they all grew older, Hunter and Scarlet became engaged and a proper couple and Wolf was always on the sidelines or he engaged with the couple when requested. When Scarlet is injured, Wolf rushes to be with the pair and it turns out that he will be spending a lot more time with them as someone is out to get Scarlet and sabotage her or worst kill her. Wolf becomes Scarlet's bodyguard and security and moves in with her and Hunter. Soon the threesome starts to develop a good rhythm and seem to gel together while playing house. What will happen though when Scarlet is on the mend and the threat has been eliminated? Will Wolf be able to return back to the sidelines or now that he has had a taste will he want more? Find out more in this novella of The Wicked Wolf, an erotic twist of the classic fairytale characters.

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