Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review: Love, Jane - Katie Blanchard

Love, Jane

Review: Love, Jane - Book #2 Dear Anna Series - Katie Blanchard - November 2019

Those who follow my blog will remember a while back I posted a review on a book called Dear, Anna which I loved and reminded me of the TV show How to Get Away with Murder. Well in Dear, Anna - Medeia meets a kindred soul at the gym who helps her get to the point she needs to be at. That person was Jane and we catch glimpses of Jane's past in Dear, Anna. Now Katie has decided to write Jane's story leading up to the first meeting of Medeia in the gym and how Jane became Jane Voss. As readers of the first book will remember that Jane was once like Medeia in a wealthy relationship with an abusive husband who was controlling. Jane's story starts with her hiring a Yoga instructor for her husband and finding herself replaced as the wife of the household and kicked to the curb. Not before being almost killed. Jane finds herself at a motel that has been set up as a refuge for women who have nowhere to go and are ready to escape terrible life situations. The woman leading it becomes a close friend of Jane's and then later in the book Jane crosses paths with Shana - Stewart's new wife and baby Deliah. Shana is now experiencing the same abuse Jane did, but what's worse and makes Jane care more is that there is a baby in the mix - Delilah. A child that she will never ever get to have because of Stewart's abuse.  What will happen though when Stewart catches wind of Jane's plan for Shana and Delilah and starts to close in on Jane's world - killing all those close to her and trying to make Jane's own death look like Wife Number #1. However there is one thing Stewart didn't count on - unlike Wife Number #1 and Wife Number #3 - Jane has an internal strength and desire for revenge and won't stop till she has succeeded at this time Jane now has nothing to lose.  Love, Jane was another wonderful mystery and romantic suspense that can show readers what lengths someone can go too if they are pushed especially when they have nothing else to live for or if a baby is involved - that mother nurturing nature kicking in.

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