Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review: Dance or Die - A.E Murphy and Xela Knight

Dance or Die

Review: Dance or Die - A.E Murphy and Xela Knight - December 2019
After reading and loving Naked or Dead, I just knew I had to read this book Dance or Die. I have to admit though I was hoping it would be just as good,  it, however, didn't quite hit the craziness of the first book. In saying that though it was still a very good read as we meet Mallory Newman aka Scandal Oaks. She has been shipped from home to juvie to a mental ward etc after she was convicted wrongfully of her cousin's murder. He was a victim of the School Sigil whom we knew of in the first book Naked or Dead. Scandal moves to the small town to live with Stanley and his wife Lane. It is the first time that Scandal has ever felt true love as they really care about her. Or is that just a show as Scandal learns in the second part of the book her connection to the smalltown? At the beginning, we also read as Scandal clashes with Presley and Carter - two of the school's hottest guys but by the end of the book - they become her "two guys" which the tagline talks about as Scandal is an amazing dancer and Presley and Carter are made to take her into their group and turn their dance routine into a trio. I did like the family interactions that Scandal had with Stanley and Lane but have to admit near the last few chapters with Scandal's uncle - The Senator and the reporter it went a bit odd for me and ended up having a bit of a supernatural twist to the storyline which felt like it had come out of nowhere.  Dance or Die by AE Murphy and Xela Knight was still a good YA Bully RH romantic suspense and if you enjoy edgy YA stories then you will enjoy Dance or Die.

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