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Review: Kings of the Castle - Naleighna Kai

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Kings of the Castle

Review: Kings of the Castle - Book #1 Kings of the Castle Series - Naileighna Kai - November 2019

You know how some series you get them but you aren't 100% sure what they are about but once you start reading them you find yourself enjoying them and wanting more, that is how I felt after reading the first two books in the Kings of the Castle series. In King of Chatham by London St. Charles, we read the story of Reno and it had a taste of what was happening with their mentor and how they had all been called back to The Castle. Book #1 Kings of the Castle is mainly Vikkas - Khali's son story and more in-depth about the shooting and how the Brotherhood which would become the new Kings of the Castle was first created and how they all stepped up to the plate when their mentor and surrogate father Khali needed their help. Most of the boys haven't seen each other since they left school, but have always kept in contact with Khali. Khali created an organization called The Castle and now the organization has been used for illegal activities and Khali needs the help of the brotherhood to turn it around. Will the boys step up when needed despite the dangers ahead they face and take their rightful places as Kings of the suburbs they represent and put their jobs and skills into cleaning up the city? Find out in Book #1 which sets the premise not only for the series but also Book #2 which is King of Chatham which features Reno and Zuri.  Before I finish the review, one of my favorite parts in this book was the divorce conversation between Khali and his wife, I had to read it twice as it made me chuckle.

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