Saturday, January 4, 2020

Review: You Suck - Sophie Stern

You Suck: A High School Bully Romance (Bullies of Crescent Academy Book 1)

Review: You Suck - Sophie Stern - November 2019

At first, I wasn't sure whether this may take a supernatural kind of feel like the cover does give you that vibe but it is, in fact, another high school bullymance. The thing I loved about You Suck by Sophie Stern was that it was a straight one-man romance going on and not a reverse harem as sometimes the RH gets a bit annoying as despite the fact they love them all, they still favor one particular guy over the others. This book starts off with Gavin and Emilia having their first kiss after playing Spin the Bottle, during this - the FBI bust down the door and their fathers are taken to prison. Five years pass and the two of them end up in the same school. Gavin blames Emilia for the loss of his father and starts bullying her and making her life miserable. During the book though, after Emilia finally stands up to him - he starts to realize that he has actually turned into a jerk and someone his father would have hated. He also realizes that she lost her father too. During a grave visit, Emilia shares some past history about their father's case which blindsides Gavin and he will soon realize family secrets that his mother kept from him. When Gavin starts to realize his feelings for Emilia are love, will she ever be able to forgive him or has he gone too far and the damage can't be repaired? Find out in Sophie Stern's bullymance "You Suck". One of the better bullymance reads.

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